Episode 48



10 June 2016

29 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Important news: come write short stories with us over at Drippy Fun Times on Medium. We want your stories!

In a conversation that sounds like it's fuelled by caffeine and PCP, Sam and Simon talk about why they're so distracted all the time. They debate why context switching is so bad for you, and whether there's anything we can do to focus more on what matters. Featuring a lot of talk about rats and strange music genres.

Things we talk about:

  • Every noise at once, where you too can learn about fun new genres like Strut, Vaporwave, Bubble Trance and Deep Happy Hardcore.
  • Our new short story Medium collection, Drippy Fun Timeswhich means that Simon doesn't have to donate a Bitcoin to Donald Trump, yay! Also, COME WRITE STORIES WITH US.
  • Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (NOT by Karen Armstrong, woops).
  • A NEW STUDY SHOWS that context switching lowers your IQ. Also, you should never believe anyone who says the words, "a new study shows".
  • Where to put your thoughts while your brain is focusing on important things: the big Google Keep, Google Inbox, Evernote playoff.
  • Google App Scripts are magic and you can throw away Excel now.
  • Fuckoins, the new currency Simon and I are making. 
  • Kurzesagt's amazing video about how you're not what you think you are.
  • CGP Grey on why your brain isn't, either.
  • Momentum, a Chrome app that might help you focus.

PS: if you live in Cape Town, Simon and I want to take you out for a beer. No, really. Tweet us at @simondingle or @greenhamsam to let us know you're keen and we'll find a time. BOOM.

        <img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54bf6729e4b08839cbffe961/t/575a85b9859fd0d3e36e9d86/1465550271736/ratpark" data-image-dimensions="600x424" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="The famous &quot;Rat Park&quot; mentioned in this episode. Go check out the full comic by Stuart McMillen  over here . It's rad." data-load="false" data-image-id="575a85b9859fd0d3e36e9d86" data-type="image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54bf6729e4b08839cbffe961/t/575a85b9859fd0d3e36e9d86/1465550271736/ratpark?format=1000w" />

      <p>The famous "Rat Park" mentioned in this episode. Go check out the full comic by Stuart McMillen <a target="_blank" href="http://www.stuartmcmillen.com/comics_en/rat-park/">over here</a>. It's rad.</p>