Episode 49



11 July 2016

30 mins 59 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Predicting the future is a chump's game. Going back into history and seeing what they thought the future (i.e. now) would look like, is the best reminder that we have no idea about anything. Join Sam and Simon as they discuss the joys of being a perpetual beginner, how much fun it is to be a Swiss Army Person, admitting we don't know shit about shit, and how our alien overlords are likely to punish us if global politics keep going the way they're going.

Things we talk about:

  • Bitcoinsocks.com, Simon's and @nicharry's awesome new online store that sells, YOU GUESSED IT, Bitcoin socks.  They are rad. Simon and Nic launched this thing in like 2 days because they are wizards.
  • CS50, the intro to computer science course you've always wanted, available for free on the interwebz, and other ways of learning to code.
  • The documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry.
  • Whether Game of Thrones is secretly about climate change.
  • Get your shit together, global politics U R DRUNK. But the New York Times published a pretty interesting long read about who Trump supporters are and you should read it.
  • Is Snapchat a thing now? (tl;dr: no)
  • Shopify, the thing that lets you build an ecommerce business in, like, minutes.
  • Google Fusion Tables, for data nerdz.

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      <p>In the future, there will be HELICOPTERS FOR EVERYBODY! Except, you know, women.</p><img src="http://feedpress.me/10510/3846375.gif" height="1" width="1"/>