Take Back the Day

Doing stuff real good so you can do other stuff better.

About the show

Sam and Simon talk about everything, but mostly how to do the things you have to do so you can make more time for what you want.

Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Mathematical

    Episode  |  24 August 2013  |  33 mins 56 secs

    We don't know where we are or entirely what we are and we're hurtling through space on a rock that will be consumed by the Sun one day. We think there might be better things to worry about than…

  • Talent

    Episode  |  16 August 2013  |  38 mins 25 secs

    Working with the best - whether you're hiring or hoping to be hired - is the topic of the conversation this week. More or less. Sam and Simon talk about talent and how to find it, along with…

  • Routine

    Episode  |  11 August 2013  |  31 mins 40 secs

    Whether you use brown M&Ms to spot-check your stage rig or need to make sure Monday mornings are always dandy, routine is important in a planning-not-plans kind of way. Sam and Simon discuss…

  • Segmented

    Episode  |  2 August 2013  |  31 mins 54 secs

    We're popping our pees in this conversation about sleep and the perils of the internet. Tracking your sleep, getting more of it and the segmented sleep phenomenon all make their way into the chat…

  • Leaves

    Episode  |  26 July 2013  |  37 mins 18 secs

    Budgets feel like a good idea, but never seem to work. Sam and Simon think about money and getting smarter with it in this conversation that will make its way onto the internet somehow.

  • Awesome

    Episode  |  23 July 2013  |  25 mins 26 secs

    If something is done, and it isn’t awesome, does anyone care that it was done? In this episode Sam and Simon discuss putting awesome first in doing stuff.

  • Up

    Episode  |  30 June 2013  |  36 mins 24 secs

    Travel is vexing, except when it's not. As with most things, it helps to make it a game. In this episode we explore the world of games people play and why.

  • Right

    Episode  |  23 June 2013  |  32 mins 25 secs

    You know the right thing to do - the problem is doing it. Eating right, setting expectations at work and listening to your brain all take hard work - but there are ways to help things along.

  • Myopia

    Episode  |  8 June 2013  |  33 mins 39 secs

    There are the ads that come at you and the exhibition that comes from you. Some of it necessary, most of it not so much. Our generation will be remembered for its showboating, like we recall victorian toilet practices.

  • Good

    Episode  |  5 June 2013  |  6 mins 5 secs

    We have too much stuff. Some of it needs a plan. Simon and Sam back some things up and wish other things would go away.

  • Snap

    Episode  |  27 May 2013  |  25 mins 42 secs

    In which Simon and Sam talk about photography. You know – ostensibly. It's a windy road, this topic, and leads to discussions surrounding Evernote, whiteboards and Google+.

  • Mammals

    Episode  |  13 May 2013  |  33 mins 36 secs

    Deliberate practice, excercise and the sounds thereof. Sam Beckbessinger and Simon Dingle get better at stuff in this episode. By trying harder. And more.